Top 10 places in Queretaro

1. Historical Sites

Querétaro has been epicentre of the Mexican history. Don’t forget to visit the house where Doña Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez lived “Casa del Corregimiento” and the Illustrious citizens of Queretaro Pantheon” Panteón de los Queretanos Ilustres.”. Visit the Republic Theater “Teatro de la República” where Maximiliano de Habsburgo was sentenced and where the current constitution was promulgated.

2. Museums

The capital city is a source of inspiration and habitat for a lot of artists. Visit the permanent collections and exhibitions of the Museum of the city, “Museo de la Ciudad”, “la Casa de la Zacatecana”, the Museum of Art “el Museo de Arte”, the Museum of the Magic of the Past “el Museo de la Magia del Pasado” , the Museum of the Restoration “el Museo de la Restauración” the Regional Museum “el Museo Regional” and the National Museum of the Graphic Arts “el Museo Nacional de las Artes Gráficas”.

3. Temples

From the baroque to the neoclassical, each façade, remate and detail speak of a promising viceregal past and a saturated religious life. Querétaro, was the third most important city of the Viceroyalty of New Spain and its religious buildings remain to prove this truth. Don’t forget to walk the Cathedral, the Convent of Santa Cruz and its tree with thorns in the form of a cross, the baroque Santa Clara and the majestic Santa Rosa de Viterbo.

4. Mansions and Legends

At night fall, our ancient legends and myths of the city bring back to life. The mansions are no longer offices or shops and return to the stories of various characters known for he citizens. “Chucho el Roto”, “la Señora de Ecala”, “la Carambada” and “el Marques” are some of the personalities, interpreted by actors and musicians, who travel each night the streets and houses narrating their chiling legends.To book your travel you can call to any of these companies. Noche de Apariciones Queretanas (T.140 9123), Leyendas y Mitos de Querétaro (T. 212 4565), Noche de Leyenda (T. 265 4558), Querétaro y sus leyendas (T. 212 8940), Las Leyendas cobran Vida (T. 22 5191).

5. Gastronomy

Let your taste takes you along this tour. Enjoy a “gordita” of the Guerrero´s Garden, some “tamales” in Arteaga, “churros” on 5 de mayo, a milkshake of “La Mariposa” or some famous “enchiladas queretanas” in “El Arcángel”.

6. Nightlife

The heart of the city is located in establishments for all ages, tastes and atmospheres. Everything is near, we recommend you to jump from one bar to another, so you can change of style, music or people. The citizens of Queretaro are friendly with those who came from outside. Test a tour by 5 de mayo, test the mezcal in “La Milagrosa” or take a walk in one of the of Queretaro´s bars such as la “Selva Taurina” or “el Bar Varela”.

7. Squares

Queretaro still remains the air of old province in the gardens and squares of the Historic Downtown; they make time stop and there are plenty of opportunities to sit on a bench to read a newspaper or simply to watch life go, enjoy an ice cream or go for some snacks for lunch. Visit the Garden ” Jardin Zenea” known for the nineteenth century kiosk, is delicious at any time, although it is also the Plaza de Armas, with its coffees in their portals and the restaurants of its terraces. The “Plaza Mariano de las Casas”, in front of Santa Rosa de Viterbo, perhaps, not very frequented, but the vision of the quarry floor carpeting of pigeons that undertake the flight toward the buttresses of the temple without doubt appreciates this lack of people.

8. Crafts

Know the products made by hands of Queretaro´s citizens. Find rapier weaving machines, embroidery, pottery, ceramics, textiles, wood and candies that are in beautiful bags, cookware and many other gifts. Discover these products in “la Casa de las Artesanías”, in Andador Libertad 52 or in “enQué Arte”, Pasteur Sur 6–a, Casa de Ecala on Plaza de Armas.

9. Boutique Hotels

The majority of the boutique hotels in Queretaro have the peculiarity of being stationed in old houses that belonged to famous families from the time of the viceroys. Stay in any of these hotels that combine design and history for an unforgettable stay. Such as “el Antiguo Mesón de Aspeytia”, la Casa del Naranjo, la Casona de la República, El Serafín, La Casa del Atrio, la Casa del Obispo , la Casa de la Marquesa or Doña Urraca.

10. Theater

Recreating different scenarios, the capital of Queretaro has a variety of places responsible for disseminating this art, ranging from the classical theater until the best works of contemporary theme, where the spectator moves at the whim of the actor. You cannot miss a visit to “el Corral de Comedia” (Carranza 39) to enjoy the good theater in province with rich and full dishes of cold meats , a night out with the comedians of “los Cómicos de la Legua” (Guillermo Prieto 7) , some laughs shared in the “Teatrito La Carcajada”(5 de Mayo 48) or a function in “Sol y Luna” (Angela Peralta 29).


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