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Our Spanish Language Courses in Querétaro

We want you to enjoy learning Spanish as much as we enjoy teaching it! And we make sure the Spanish we teach you in our classes is relevant and useful to you outside the classroom.

You will build your Spanish vocabulary and learn colloquial Spanish, idioms and grammar to help you be as fluent as possible. We will also focus on phonology to help you improve your accent. Our skilled and friendly teachers use a variety of teaching methods to make sure that you’ll always be challenged. But if you get stuck, they’re there to help.

All our courses are specially designed to make the most of learning Spanish in one of the greatest cities in Mexico.

Books and Resources

We use interesting textbooks, videos, games and group activities to share and practice how Spanish is used by native Spanish speakers every day. But remember, if you are studying with us for one month or more you must buy the correct book for your chosen Spanish course. You can buy the book for your course from the reception when you arrive.

Language Assessment

Your level of Spanish is assessed before you start the course so that we can place you in a class that will be manageable, but at the same time challenge you to improve your Spanish.

Before you enroll, take the online placement test.

In assessing your level, we don’t just look at your score on the level test. We want to find out what exactly you want to achieve from your time with us. We recognize that you are an individual and you have a specific set of needs.

If you tell us what they are, we’ll know how to help you better.

Minimum Age

The minimum age to be accepted on any Spanish course is 16 years-old. Please note that 16 and 17 year-olds accepted onto the course will be treated as adult students.

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