Intensive Spanish

Reach your Spanish goal faster by taking more lessons! Our Intensive course is 30 lessons a week (30 hours). You choose what you want to learn in class from a variety of electives. This course is a great chance to improve your fluency quickly!

You’ll get more out of this course if

  • Your level is between Beginner and Advanced.
  • You want to improve your Spanish in a short time-period.
  • You want to personalize your course through a choice of electives.
  • You want to have a long stay and fully dedicate your time to learning Spanish.
  • You want to benefit from spending as much time as possible with a teacher and in a classroom environment.


What can you expect on this course?

More exposure to Spanish

The more exposure you have to Spanish, the better your Spanish learning will be. You can expect plenty of confidence-building speaking-practice, exercises, explanations, information, and feedback – all delivered in a fun and effective way by dedicated teachers.

Maximum teacher contact time

Six lessons a day means that you have more time with your teachers. They will be there to correct your mistakes and point you in the right direction. Your teachers will guide your progress every step of the way!

Intensive focus on all skills

The longer in the lesson, the longer you can seriously focus on your four key skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Of course, other skills such as pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling all play a role in effective Spanish communication. On an Intensive Spanish course, you will have the time and opportunity to work on all of these.

Topic-based lessons in everyday contexts

With newspapers, CD’s, internet, videos and other authentic resources, our teachers will help you to understand how Spanish is used by native speakers day to day. These materials will help you study Spanish independently long after you have left Babilon Language Coaching. Every lesson is based on a fixed topic and all the essential Spanish, that you need to know, is taught within the context of the topic. You will then be able to apply your new-found skills correctly in other situations.

A focused yet relaxed classroom environment

Happy students learn better than unhappy ones! That’s not a secret, but it’s something that we at Babilon Language Coaching strongly believe. And so our classrooms are places where hard work is carried out in informal and relaxed settings. Your ability and motivation will improve in a classroom with a great atmosphere.

Your choice of elective

It’s your Spanish course, so you get to decide what you want to study! In your third module, you can choose from a number of options. Focus on the areas of your Spanish that you want to improve. Electives include:

Comparative Culture & Communication
To develop your awareness and understanding of different cultures, and how communication differs as we move from one to another.

Write Now
Improve your ability to write for different genres, using appropriate register and both formal and informal styles.

Basic Writing Skills
Help to boost your writing skills and develop confidence.

Media Studies
Sharpen your analytical skills by studying a variety of news media, separating fact from opinion and deconstructing meaning.

The Language of Music
Explore and compare the music of different genres, cultures, and eras, to give you the language to discuss it.

Film Studies
Develop your critical skills by watching, analyzing and learning to express your thoughts on different types of film.

A World of Words
The inspiration and vocabulary to learn about and discuss world issues and global geography.

Get Talking
Develop confidence and facilitate conversation for a fluent speaking style.

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