Here are some course reviews from our students-they will help you decide!

Testimonial 1:
“Babilon gave me an amazing experience learning Spanish and the culture of Mexico!! Dedicated teachers, a very nice city and many possibilities to apply what I learned!”

Anna Carter, 23, Law student, USA

Testimonial 2:
“I can recommend Babilon to everybody who needs a language course fitting to his or her profession! It was very nice to work with a teacher who gave me all the specific knowledge of medical Spanish”

Nicolas Dufour, 58, Doctor, France

Testimonial 3:
“Great teachers and the course fitted perfectly to my own Spanish level. I wish I could have stayed some weeks more! Muchas gracias for this experience!”

Kim Smeets, 18, Student, Netherlands

Testimonial 4:
I was up for a new challenge when taking Babilon’s Spanish course and it was truly challenging! I learned so much in such a short time. I will definitely be back!”

Barbara Petrovska, 30, English teacher, Poland

Testimonial 5:
Best Spanish school I have studied at until now! Thanks guys!”

Sebastian Kaufmann, 42, Business owner, Germany

Testimonial 6:
They adjusted the course exactly to my own wishes, which helped me to increase my learning of the language and the culture. It makes the whole package complete: knowledgeable teachers, good accommodation, interesting city and plenty of travel opportunities”

Mark Willer, 65, Retired, USA

Testimonial 7:
If you’re looking for a place where learning is combined with fun, you’re here at the right place. Great people, super teachers and very centrally located place for further travelling!”

Lucas, 20, Student, USA

Testimonial 8:
My husband and I both took classes at Babilon without having any Spanish knowledge. The classes were clearly structured and the teachers offered extensive explanations in order for us to grasp all concepts completely. Furthermore, they really help you to get the best program fitting to your needs. This is the reason why we are coming back next year!”

Verena Baler, 52, Lawyer, USA

Testimonial 9:
My reason for coming to Mexico to learn Spanish was the fact that I wanted to get a special course suiting to my profession. Babilon gave me high quality, structured and professional Spanish classes, which are still of great value at my job”

Jonathan Lee, 60, Psychologist, United Kingdom

Testimonial 10:
The teacher Spanish course exceeded my expectations!! Full of new creative ideas for class”

Marilon Oetler, 32, High School Spanish Teacher, Belgium


Testimonial 11:

“I came to Babilon Language Coaching to learn to speak Spanish with other people and have fun. Here you have to speak Spanish as there are so many different nationalities. It’s helped me to speak more fluently.”

Matte, 16, student, Canada

Testimonial 12:

“Studying at Babilon is great. You get to speak Spanish every day and learn ‘everyday’ Spanish”

Leslie, 24, student, USA

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