About us
Babilon Language Coaching is a language school based in Querétaro, Mexico dedicated to creating global leaders through language and cultural instruction.
We offer excellence in language instruction through teachers with years of experience, training, and passion for sharing their language and culture with the world.

Exceptional learning environment: Our school has been designed to the highest specifications. You will learn in safe, fresh and bright classrooms, with up-to-date learning technology and modern conveniences, including IT suites, high-speed WiFi, comfortable student lounges and cafes. Our school also offers book-loaning schemes so you can extend your learning outside of the classroom.
Interactive technology: We have invested in the latest classroom technology. You will benefit from top of the range interactive whiteboards, over-head projectors and computers bringing the internet, video and social networking into your lessons. This helps us to provide classes that are relevant, interesting, and interactive and that will prepare you to communicate effectively in Spanish in the real world.

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