General Spanish

With a focus on fluency, the General course will allow you to improve your Spanish giving you a practical understanding of the language and how to use it. You will focus on the 4 skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will improve your level and maximize your ability to use Spanish.

  You’ll get more out of this course if:

•    Your level is between Beginner and Advanced.
•    You want to improve your Spanish with free-time spent in a Spanish speaking country.
•    You want to improve your Spanish level quickly and effectively while gaining confidence.
•    You want to improve your fluency and real understanding of Spanish in everyday situations and contexts.

What can you expect on this course?

Real Spanish

Using our teaching methodology, you will learn how Spanish is spoken and used in real-life, day-to-day situations. Focusing on the four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), you will practice conversation skills along with sharpening your grammar, vocabulary, idioms and pronunciation. Learn the Spanish you need to accomplish your aims. Be understood. Get things done.

Improve your ‘thinking time’

‘Thinking time’ – The time that it takes to listen, understand and respond in Spanish. On our General Spanish course, you will shorten your thinking time, making it quicker for you to respond and improve your fluency.

Topic based lessons

Every lesson you take will be based on a specific topic or theme. The language skills and grammar are taught within the framework of the topic and serve to help you apply everything you have learned in a natural way. Simply put, you will learn the correct Spanish to use in specific situations.


Teachers and academic staff will be on hand to give you ongoing support, encouragement, advice and feedback. Babilon staff members create comfortable and confidence-building classroom environments. The role of our teachers is to steadily guide you to your Spanish language goal.

Creative and energetic classes

Relaxed and informal classrooms always create fun and inspiring atmospheres. You will speak confidently and freely while interacting with your classmates. Our professional and dedicated teaching staff will supply you with fun and functional lessons every single day of your course.

Authentic materials

As well as using text books, teachers often supplement lessons with authentic resources such as newspapers, videos, internet and CD’s. All of which will give you a clearer understanding of how Spanish is really used.

Learn by doing

At Babilon Language Coaching we very much believe in students taking a full and active part in lessons. In other words, you will learn by doing. You can expect to fully take part in lessons – there will not be a moment when you are not directly involved.

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