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Teaching better in 2 weeks

Do you teach Spanish as a second language or do you teach in a bilingual Spanish-Spanish program?  Do you want to brush up your Spanish, widen your variety of dynamic classroom activities, or expand your cultural acquaintance with Latin America?  If so, then Babilon Language Coaching is the place for you!


We offer a course designed as a resource for Spanish teachers around the world.  We´ll give you fresh new ideas, resources, games and activities and we will recharge your battery so you go back to the classroom excited about teaching Spanish.


Teacher Training Course is aimed at teachers of Spanish at all levels, primary, secondary or adult – including:

  • Pre-service teachers
  • Teachers who wish to refresh their teaching knowledge
  • Teachers moving to Spanish language teaching after teaching another subject
  • Teachers with some experience of teaching Spanish to speakers of other languages


What can you expect on this course?

Our course is ideal for all teachers, whatever their background and teaching experience. It is also suitable for people who would like to teach Spanish but do not yet have a teaching position. It aims to increase teachers’ confidence and enhance job prospects by focusing on the core teaching knowledge that is essential for all teachers of Spanish to have.


This flexible and accessible award helps teachers understand:

  • Different methodologies for teaching
  • The ‘language of teaching’
  • The ways in which resources can be used
  • The key aspects of lesson planning
  • Classroom management methods for different needs

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